IAEM Certification

IAEM offers candidates for the Associate Emergency Manager (AEM®) and Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) designations the opportunity to take the certification exam online. To request an online examination, you must first make arrangements with your proctor to select a date and time:

  • Complete the Examination Request Form below
  • Select a date to take the exam – An advance notice of 14 business days is required!
  • Select an approved proctor – For more information on choosing a proctor click here
  • Pay the IAEM Certification Fee – For more information on fees and making payments online, click here
  • Ensure your testing location has a reliable Internet connection and computer. Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome are required to log into the exam.

You may also take the IAEM examination at any IAEM event if you make arrangements in advance to do so. If you are interested in taking the exam at one of the official exam offerings, such as the IAEM Annual Conference, a Regional Conference, or a scheduled group offering, please click here for a list of official locations and dates available as well as registration instructions.

IAEM is committed to serving examinees with medically documented disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations appropriate to the specific examinee’s confirmed diagnosis and needs. If you are requesting special testing accommodations, please describe below the nature of the diagnosed disability for which the accommodation is being requested and how it limits or restricts your ability to undertake the IAEM certification test online, as well as the specific nature of the accommodations being requested. You will be asked by IAEM Staff to provide medical documentation describing the nature, severity and duration of the disability and which substantiates why the requested reasonable accommodation is necessary to take the certification test.

Note: IAEM’s certification tests are offered only in English. Accommodations, including additional time, are not available solely on the basis of the examinee’s limited proficiency in English.

To process your examination request, you must select a date for the test and arrange for an IAEM-authorized proctor to administer the exam. Fourteen (14) business days notice is required before scheduling an exam. Once your exam request is received by IAEM, a Proctor Agreement will be emailed to your proctor. Your requested proctor must complete and return the Proctor Agreement before your exam request can be approved. You do not need to arrange a proctor if you are taking the exam at one of the official testing events organized by IAEM.

Be aware if you need to change proctors after you submit this request, please email IAEM Headquarters at info@iaem.com. Your original exam request will be voided, and you will need to complete a new exam request with your new proctor's contact information at least 14-business days prior to the exam date. This may require you to re-schedule for another exam date.

Proctor Information

Proctor's direct email address is required. Testing facility email is not acceptable.